Monday, November 28, 2011

Canon Legria FS46 Reviews

Canon Legria FS46
Legria FS46 and Legria FS406 in terms of physical, still retain a similar design to the previous FS-series, with a relatively small body.
Sensors are used in its predecessor, Legria FS36 and FS306, which 1/6-inci CCD sensor combined with DIGIC DV II processor. The screen size and zoom capabilities, which is exactly the same as 41x advanced zoom and LCD measuring 2.7 inches.
Other features such as Dynamic Mode image stabilization, Pre Rec, Night Scene, video snapshot, and Dual shot mode gives flexibility and ease to record video in different situations.

What distinguishes these two camcorders is its predecessor is the support of memory card slots. Legria FS46 and Legria FS406 supports SDXC memory card and FS46 has completed an internal flash memory capacity of 8GB.
Canon also embed a number of interesting features on the newest products with the aim of enriching and beautifying the video recordings.
One of them features Cinema Style, to create a video camera approached the quality of feature films, there is a Cinema-Look Filters with 8 filter options, such as Dream, Nostalgic, Dramatic B & W, and Memory. This feature is located on M41/400 Legria HF, HF G10, and XA 10.
There is another feature Touch Decoration. Posted at Canon Legria HF R series, M series HF, HF G10, and the Canon XA 10, this feature allows the user to draw and add animations or other patterns on the video through the LCD touch screen measuring 3 inches.
In addition, there are also feature Story Creator to help users take certain samples and combine them into one unified whole video has a story. The fourth series has a resolution of 2.37 megapixels photos.
For users who like to take a photo, LEGRIA HF S30 seems to be a fitting choice. Because this camcorder can take photos with resolution up to 8 megapixels. As a result, users do not need to carry additional cameras to capture their special moments.
The latter is the presence of Pro HD CMOS sensor on the Legria HF M series, Legria HF G10, and XA 10. 1/3-inci sized sensor with a resolution of 2:37 is commonly used line-megapixel Canon Professional Camcorder XF series. As a result, the resulting video quality can not be doubted.

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