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Sony HDR PJ50E Series, Reviews

Sony HDR PJ50E Reviews
Sony HDR PJ50E Reviews
Now We will review Sony HDR PJ50E, may be useful to you and please give your opinion on this product

Design and Build
Sony HDR PJ50E look out for the black glossy finished with shades of silver on the frame. The front consists of optical lens and LED Flash, zoom button, the selection mode, the photographers and flash slot located at the top and start or stop button for recording function is located on the back of the camera. The left side to display the window scope, as well as the power button, the player and projector. Also there is a button on the connectivity with the microphone, microSD card slot, HDMI mini and microUSB, however cameras not equipped with an HDMI cable or cable microUSB. The key focus is placed on top of the projector.

Camcorder looks sturdy hinge, but don't have a mechanism for the prevention of the effects of concussion. Button feedback with a soft touch (to focus) and full pressure (to click). Weight of the camera is about 1 kg with battery and HDD, and feels light while on take it. The button placement is very good but, folds to open up a little hard to maneuver because the button is located on three sides of the D50. Maximum 180 degree folds are moving towards the front and 90 degrees in the reverse direction.

This camera has a lens Exmor R CMOS Sensor 18.5 mm wide angle 7.1 megapixel camera capable of producing up to 3072 x 2304 resolution. And has a 12 x optical zoom and digital zoom and 160x capacity of 220 GB hard disk drive and SD card support up to 64 GB. The camera has a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio-tech microphones and 3-inch LCD touch screen with 16: 9 widescreen ratio.
Its main feature adalahi ' Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation technology as '. Detection of facial expression and smile, as it appears in square boxes with white and orange, accompanied also with x.v. colour matching technology for xvYCC, international standard for color video with D-range Optimiser which works on the camera's Bionz processor.

The camera has a simple interface and the operation was more emphasized on responsifitas touch screen. Open the folds takes you to the movie mode, zoom and recording that appears on the screen. The Menu consists of six icons, namely a fashion shoot, camera or microphone settings, image quality, the functionality of the player, the function edit or copy, and setup.
The turn to the various modes and setting change was very easy, including the use of the projector mode. The zoom button is directed up to pembesaraan or down for the diminution and photo button also functions as the enter key.

With a resolution of 7.1 Megapixels to shoot from a distance with automatic focus are good, so is at close range, but the primary function of this device is a camcorder. Image stabilization feature from Sony is comfortable, make the frame of the frames is very stable, it is this which is a plus. A different Preset mode is effective, and the movement captured with fine details without blur. The exposure and contrast pretty well on video taken in low light, with a pretty good when details are captured. When posed against a backdrop of stark contrast, exposure and contrast level automatically adjusts so that it makes the subject look much better. And the video will be stored automatically into film with a capacity of HDD files of 2 GB. And remember the camcorder is equipped with a projector that can be applied in optimal and clear up to the size of the 102 inches.

Final Conclusions
Design and build including both and is the standard most camcorders.
Sony HDR-PJ50E very good and captures 1080p video, the projector is equipped with a fully functional, will be the right choice for You who want a camcorder and a projector in one piece.

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